Security Testing Services

Your company’s security testing program can make or break your business. For example, your application has a security breach. Therefore, it should always be considered a top priority when developing or improving your application’s security posture. Praetorian Secure provides 360 degree security coverage for your mobile, cloud, and web applications.

What Is Security Testing?

Software security testing is the practice of evaluating software applications for security vulnerabilities, threats, and weaknesses. This type of testing is aimed to identify potential security risks in software and address them when found. Also, it is used to ensure that the software that was developed is secure and can protect sensitive data, maintain confidentiality, integrity, and availability of resources. Software security testing involves testing the software for various vulnerabilities such as buffer overflows, injection attacks, cross-site scripting (XSS), and other common attack vectors. There are many different methods of security testing including penetration testing, vulnerability scanning, code analysis, and more. These methods can be used in combination to identify and mitigate potential security risks in software applications.

Benefits of Security Testing

Application Security Technologies are designed to improve the way we test, analyze, and fix the code in applications. With that said the first thing you want to do when securing an application is to find every vulnerability. This can be achieved a lot easier when using the right combination of the latest tools, software, scanners, and methodologies. Some technologies we suggest utilizing to better secure your code are SAST, DAST, SaaS, RASP, Penetration testing, and fuzz testing.

At Praetorian Secure we do what it takes to evaluate and identify a program to make and keep your product safe and secure. Our application security technology services can be bundled into one complete solution creating even greater value for your organization. If you would like to start assessing the security of your application or would just like to enhance your existing program contact our experts who have the knowledge and experience to guide you along the way.

Security Testing Cloud/Network

Architecture & Implementation Services

  • Technology Assessments
  • Validation & Proof of Concept
  • Migration to Cloud
  • Design & Architecture
  • Security Training
  • Identification of Vulnerabilities

Who Can Benefits From Cybersecurity Testing?

3rd Party Developers

End user(s)

C Suite & Managers

App Developers

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