Managed Security Testing (MST)

Assess your existing infrastructure (apps, devices, networks, etc.) for hidden vulnerabilities with zero impact on your day-to-day operations with our Managed Security Testing Services.

Managed Security Testing Services

We conduct high-end application vulnerability and penetration testing services for several clients across all levels of the industry. After providing these services throughout the years with an open mind, we have been exposed to the realities and challenges our customers must face on a daily basis. We decided to use this knowledge as an opportunity to develop managed security testing services that reduce these customer pain points. Creating an easily manageable, scalable, testing program solving the very frustrations posed to our customers.

With that in mind, we have crafted On-Demand Penetration Testing services to test your security when you are ready, at a moment’s notice. Our advanced security engineering team is equipped with the latest industry-approved tools, helping provide our customers with a cost-reduction approach for your managed security program, minimizing the amount of time internal teams spend on menial security tasks. The days of scheduling difficulties with 3rd-party vendors are gone and tasking your internal team with unattainable security goals is no longer an issue.


How It works

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Managed Security Testing Benefits

Identification of vulnerabilities and understanding how those vulnerabilities can be exploited in a real-life scenario are two of the most valuable insights you can get to prevent a security breach. Moreover, having the right people, technology, and processes in place can create a strong security presence amongst your employees, and even more importantly hackers won’t stand a chance. The majority of breaches happen to organizations that have very poor security policies and practices in place with little to no employee security training implemented. Don’t become a victim to cyber extortion or damages because your trying to save on budget, a breach is far more expensive than the cost of our monthly testing services.

Scanning & Testing

Simplified Security Management

Flexible Pricing Per Scan/Program

Feedback & Reporting

Clear Channels Of Communication

Scaleable Solutions Without Barriers





Learn How Testing Early & Often Can Improve Your Managed Security Program.

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