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At Praetorian Secure, we specialize in professional cybersecurity and compliance solutions. Our services are designed to meet the needs of clients ranging from Fortune 100 companies to small-to-midsize businesses. Undeniably, we are your go-to experts for all things related to cybersecurity, including compliance, security testing, cybersecurity strategy, application security, security training, vCISO support, and more.

Cybersecurity Services Offered by Praetorian Secure

As your trusted cybersecurity experts and allies, our goal is to help improve your cybersecurity maturity, confidence, and understanding. We provide complete security solutions to protect your critical assets from current threats, so you can focus on the products and services your company knows best. Our experts focus on your satisfaction and perform every project with attention to the small details. Praetorian Secure is securing today for a safer tomorrow. Learn more about us here.

Application Security

Application security should be a top priority if it is not one already. Nonetheless, today’s applications are becoming more complex, and our enemies are doing what they can to keep up. Get ahead of modern threats by securing your applications.

Cybersecurity Consulting

Cyber threats are persistent. Equally, so should the cybersecurity strategies and tactics we use to prevent them. At Praetorian Secure, we strive to provide the most optimal consulting solutions. Built specific to your business’s needs and goals.

Cybersecurity Compliance

Cybersecurity Compliance Services and Consulting CMMC, HIPAA, SOC2, DFARS, NIST, and more. Managing compliance is vital for business stability and continuity. Not to mention being compliant with certain regulations can open many doors to new business opportunities.

Security Testing

Prevent breaches with pre-emptive security testing services. This is achieved by assessing vulnerabilities and focusing on gaps in your current cybersecurity program. Also, we provide access to key insight on the “big picture” and tips to better manage your firm’s risk.

Third-Party Risk Management (TPRM)

TPRM is the process of identifying, assessing, and mitigating the potential risks related to doing business with third-party vendors, service providers, and other external entities. Overall, the goal of TPRM is to ensure that your organization is not negatively impacted by any outside entities.

Security Awareness Training

Improve your security awareness program starting with a baseline assessment to understand your needs. After, we can use a combination of phishing and other training to assess and report on your employee’s progress so you can track progress and the ROI of your cybersecurity investment.

Why Trust Our Team Of Experts?

The risk of a cybersecurity attack on your organization is higher than most would like to believe. Cyber criminals no longer decide based on company size. Also, they are constantly creating new, complex attacks that make it ever more difficult to defend against. Fortune 500 and government organizations are no longer the sole targets, as any organization can be a target for cyber criminals looking for money, intellectual property, or sensitive data. Therefore, to protect your corporate assets, it is crucial to proactively manage your cyber risk.

At Praetorian Secure, our experts can help you develop and maintain a cybersecurity program that fits your unique goals. We strive for excellence, continuing our education, and paying close attention to the small details. In addition, we offer a combination of cybersecurity services, resources, and support that can help you protect your organization from cyber threats. Get started today by setting up a meeting with one of our trusted cybersecurity experts.

Praetorian Secure

Featured Clients - Praetorian Secure

Praetorian Secure has worked with organizations across a variety of industries, but our mission never changes. Specifically, that mission is to help each and every businesses reach their peak security potential without compromise. We are securing your assets today, for a safer tomorrow!

Markets We Service

Our Cybersecurity Experts have provided ideal service to customers across multiple industries. Initially, we focused on compliance, but now we offer a full range of cybersecurity consulting services, including Penetration Testing Services (web, mobile, cloud), Third-Party Risk Management, Application Security (web applications, medical devices, DevSecOps, code security analysis, etc.), Virtual CISO (vCISO) Program, and more.

Medical Device Manufacturers / Healthcare

Penetration Testing & Medical Device Security Services

The primary concern for medical device manufacturers during the development phase should be safety, cybersecurity, and quality control. Our secure development (DevSecOps) and FDA-compliant solutions ensure that products are safe for patients and secure from malicious actors.

Gov. Contractors (Defense, Prime, or Subs)

Compliance & Third-Party Risk Assessment Consulting

Our team of compliance experts and Information Systems Security Engineers (ISSE) can help your company maintain cybersecurity and compliance standards by providing CMMC, DFARS, NIST, 3rd party risk assessment, gap-assessment, security engineering, policy development, & more.

Discuss Your Goals With A Cybersecurity Expert.

Protect your organization from any angle with our advanced 360° cybersecurity services. Undoubtedly, at Praetorian Secure, we are securing today, for a safer tomorrow.