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About Us, Praetorian Secure’s team of cybersecurity consulting experts understands the need for effective cybersecurity help. If you are looking for the team that can get your job accomplished the proper way, we are ready to assist. In fact, we will support any company looking to implement safer and more appropriate cybersecurity defenses no matter the size.

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About Us

About Us: Praetorian Secure was founded in 2009. we are cybersecurity and compliance experts who provide services to public and private organizations. In the beginning, we started as two former U.S. Army Agents of the Certification Authority (ACA) who wanted to make a different in the public sector. That is how our company Praetorian Secure was started and since then we have been servicing fortune 100, 500, etc. down to small-to-midsize businesses and mom-n-pop shops around the globe. Praetorian Secure, LLC is a top cybersecurity company in the United States. In addition, our main concern is to provide your company with a best-in-class solutions based on our cybersecurity expertise and track record. Every day we take strides to develop new and better ways to provide our customers with the most advanced cybersecurity services available. Learn more about us and how we can help make your next project a walk in the park.

Fun fact: Praetorian’s founders named the company after the proud and heroic, “Praetorian Guard”. They acted as the premier security-force of their time. Elite and focused, they were the best of the best at providing security for the Roman military. Similarly, Praetorian Secure shares the same principals as a company. When it comes to cybersecurity we are poised and ready to defend as the Praetorian Guard was long ago.
“Our mission is to effectively develop and deliver solutions that are recognized within the information technology industry and that transfer into significant business value for our clients who are seeking to implement safer, stronger, and smarter cyber security practices and policies.”

Mission Statement

Our mission is to “effectively develop and deliver solutions that are recognized within the information technology industry that transfer into significant business value for our clients who are seeking to implement safer, stronger, and smarter cyber security practices and policies.”

Team Experience

Compliance Regulations - 30 years
Insights & Strategy - 25 years
Client Satisfaction - 110%
Application Security Experience - 20 years
Cybersecurity Consulting Company Offering the Following Services

Praetorian Secure can provide a wide range of Cybersecurity Services including Application Security, Compliance Services, Security Testing, and more. Offering a full suite of solutions to support any project your team needs help with. This enables your staff to focus on their strengths and internal business goals and we can focus on ours, which is cybersecurity. In addition, our experts also offer customized services and programs designed to accommodate even the most complex customer needs/requirements. This is what helps separates us from your average IT guys.

About Praetorian Secure

Our Approach

At Praetorian Secure we follow a clear-cut approach to the way we do business. Initially, we will have a meeting to discuss your company’s direct need. Next, you can expect to receive a quote and we can answer any questions you might have. Then, if agreed upon our teams will get acquainted with each new project, we typically hold a kickoff or pre-engagement meeting to discuss timeline, objectives, and other project details. These simple steps help keep your project managers happy, and our staff informed. Overall, this will make a positive impact on your project health.

The advantages are evident when you embed our Professional Cyber Security Services within your business. Indeed, we can provide effective policy management, internal and third-party assessments, and continuous corrective actions but that is not all. With Praetorian, you get a team who is as driven and passionate about what they do, and it makes all the difference. All programs are customizable to your specific needs. If you would like to learn more about us, feel free to contact us online or directly at +1 (855) 519-7328.

Our Founders

Michael Ross

Co-Founder, Cybersecurity & Compliance Expert, CISSP, DevOps Program Lead

Brent Bernard

Co-Founder, Cybersecurity & Compliance Expert, CISSP, Compliance Program Lead

Client Testimonials
CISSP Certified Experts

Praetorian Secure has CISSPs (Certified Information Systems Security Professional) on staff. The CISSP certification is one of the most challenging in the industry because it covers the fundamental elements in every category in the cybersecurity field. From security posture to risk management to communication to network security and penetration testing, no stone is left unturned by the CISSP certification. Our experts have maintained a CISSP for many years and they are committed to exceeding our customer’s expectations. That being the case, Praetorian’s focus is to provide the highest quality services each day. Our offerings are not just security tools and software but instead, we pair them with our expertise and know how. Praetorian Secure’s team of cyber security engineers have a proclivity for going above and beyond the usual, finding vulnerabilities that many automated tools will overlook. That is why we are the trusted cybersecurity experts.

Team Differentiators

Praetorian Secure’s team has completed compliance implementations and assessments for clients such as MetLife, United Health, HSBC, Xerox, and US Army (West Point). As a result, they know what clients are looking for in a security consulting relationship and they deliver it day in and day out. Based on work with Fortune 100 & 500 companies Praetorian’s team has gained significant advances and has made several improvements to the compliance, security testing, and assessment programs. Thus, the result is Praetorian Secure’s solutions offer vast improvements compared to a less intuitive security approach & process.

Giving Back to the Community - CSR

As a business we try to give back to the community we do business in, it only seems like the right thing to do. That is why we support the development of local youth by sponsoring local youth sports teams. Giving these kids an opportunity to compete, build life skills, and leadership skills. We also participate in volunteering at the food bank and supporting habitat for humanity projects often. Corporate social responsibility is in our blood and embedded in our corporate culture.

“At Praetorian Secure we believe that giving back to the community is important that is why we give our employees paid time off to volunteer within their community. As a result, Praetorian employees get to have a positive impact on something they are passionate about, and it helps improve this complex world we all live in and share today.” – CEO, Brent Bernard

Address Your Concern Before They Become A High-Level Security Risk.

We help our clients understand the cybersecurity risks associated with their specific situation. Educating them on the proper way to achieve their goals. In fact, we do this by using real-world situations to prepare them for the most complex attacks. Organizations looking to achieve a higher level of security maturity should contact our team today. Our goal is to help your team progress towards better cybersecurity health.