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Company X NPO Client Success Story

Anonymous Clinical Research Institute - Client Success Story


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Praetorian Secure Helps Clinicians Conduct Secure Research Studies One App At A Time


Imagine you are a business responsible for conducting and managing the largest academic clinical research studies in the United States. It can become a daunting task rather quickly. You must develop applications that are quick to produce and are user friendly, yet highly secure. Considering that you need to protect the participants individually identifiable health information under the HIPAA privacy rule. If you do not follow these guidelines, you will be liable and financial penalties will be enforced for non-compliance. Lets refer to this client as Company X, they stands tall when making critical decision that are made with the end users in mind.


The goal:

Ensure that the confidentiality and integrity of the data and the study was not able to be compromised. Without pure data, the studies would be less accurate, and the organizations reputation will be on the line. Not to mention if a clinical research study’s data is compromised the Principal Investigator (PI) can be sent to prison if the higher powers believe it was done intentionally.

This anonymously clinical research institute has some of the best trained individuals in each related field involved and they take their clinical research very seriously. Giving 110% to each clinical study to ensure it is as accurate as possible. That is why we choose to do that same for them and provide our best efforts when testing the web applications for them. First, we gather as much intel as possible and then walk though the site like a typical user would. We call this activity threat modeling. Then we begin our actual vulnerability testing by running all kind of tools and test to find whatever vulnerabilities that may exist within the web app. We gather our finding information, and we do what we can to validate it. Finally, we create our report and present it to our customer.

"We Will Ensure You Are Confidence In Your Web Apps Before They Are Released By Conducting Our Web App Pen Testing" - Praetorian Secure's Senior Engineer


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The general thought was:

we know the way this app will be used, we have authenticated credentials, lets run it through the paces and see just how secure it is at this time. Then we will provide any findings and help remediate them and repeat the process until it is airtight.


The outcome:

We helped the anonymously clinical research institute deliver a very amazing application that they will be able to use for a long time without wondering if it can be compromised. This in turn will give their staff the peace of mind to conduct these groundbreaking clinical studies without having to worry about “one more thing”. They can focus on the most important task at hand. Our technology and skill set helped them achieve their mission. In the future, we hope to be privileged enough to continue this relationship with anonymously clinical research institute or begin one with any other clinical research organization because we get the chance to be involved in something that makes the world healthier and allow people to become more educated.

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