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Take advantage of our Virtual CISO’s ability to guide your team with confidence. Our experts maintain an unparalleled level of commitment and dedication towards the growth of your organization’s cybersecurity program.

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What Is A Virtual CISO (Chief Information Security Officer)?

Many companies lack cyber security expertise and the resources required to staff a full-time cyber security team. At Praetorian Secure, we understand hiring a full-time security leader can be a challenge. Therefore, we developed our vCISO Service offerings specifically for small businesses.


First, we provide a vCISO service expert who cares about improving your overall security program. Whether you need advice on high-level strategy, technical security controls, compliance regulations, or improving internal processes, our vCISO experts will deliver outstanding results time and time again.


In addition, as your vCISO we integrate with your team to provide virtual security leadership and open communications to answer any questions that arise. Finally, your virtual CISO will be available to provide ongoing and/or ad hoc security leadership and guidance. Some examples, attending meetings when security expertise and guidance are needed, or recommending steps to make constant improvement in your security and compliance. Essentially, your Virtual CISO will consult on anything cyber security-related and make risk-based decisions that improve your cybersecurity resilience.

Are vCISO Services The Right Fit For Your Company?

Praetorian Secure’s vCISO Services cover all the same or more responsibilities as a conventional CISO only our vCISO program is on-demand, scalable, and can reduce overhead cost of a full-time employee. Gartner mentioned a CISO can have, “a total cash compensation ranging from $208K to $337K” and “hiring a chief information security officer (CISO) may not be in the budget for small or midsize organizations, especially those that aren’t heavily regulated”. Just because your a small business and cannot spend hundreds of thousands on an internal resource does not mean your company does not deserve the opportunity to be secure from a cybersecurity perspective. Our responsibility is to act as one of your own and improve  your company’s cyber security vision, strategy, and goals. Furthermore, we ensure your IT assets and infrastructure will be secure. Our Virtual CISO program is offered using a tiered approach, the tiers are:


  • Tier 1: Basic Vulnerability Scanning and Security Auditing: This tier would provide regular security audits and vulnerability scanning of the customer’s system. This would include checking for common vulnerabilities, such as missing patches, weak passwords, and misconfigured services. The cost for this tier would be $500/month.


  • Tier 2: Advanced Security Auditing and Monitoring: This tier would provide more in-depth security auditing and monitoring. This tier would include more detailed vulnerability scans, monitoring of the customer’s system for malicious activity, and periodic reviews of the customer’s security posture. The cost for this tier would be $1000/month.


  • Tier 3: Full Security Management: This tier would provide full-service security management to the customer. This would include regular security auditing and monitoring, as well as proactive security measures such as patch management, intrusion detection, and incident response. The cost for this tier would be $1500/month.


For those customers that would like additional support services, such as policy development, compliance analysis, etc., we offer custom packages tailored to the customer’s needs. We work with our clients to determine the scope of the project and the level of service they require, and then provide them with a custom package and pricing that meets their needs. Praetorian Secure is the one-stop shop for ALL of the SMB cybersecurity needs.

Learn How You Can Get An On-Demand Expert, While Staying Within Your Set Budget & Accelerate Your Cyber Security

When you enlist a vCISO (Virtual Chief Information Security Officer) you get the benefits of an experienced security team, without the cost and overhead associated with full-time employees. Our cyber security leaders typically have 15yrs experience on average. Plus, they are certified ISC2 CISSP professionals. Find out how our vCISO programs can help your organization reach their ideal security posture through guidance, vision, strategy, consistency, and leadership.

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vCISO Roadmap To Cyber Security On-Demand

Our vCISO offering gives your company an on-demand security expert for all your additional cyber security needs. This guide outlines what our vCISO services include and how we can generate great value for your team.

Threat #1 - Lack Of Cyber Security Knowledge & Experience

Threat #2 - Employee's Without Proper Cyber Security Awareness Training

Threats #3 - No Backup Solution

Threat #4 - Vulnerable Network Systems & Perimeter Devices

Threat #5 - No Formal Security Policies & Procedures Implemented

Threat #6 - Hackers Are Financially Motivated - Pick Weakest Links

Threat #7 - Physical & Environmental Security Hazards

Threat #8 - Maintaining Your Company's Reputation

Our vCISO Will Provide Guidance, Acting As A Member Of Your Internal Team

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