Application Security

Manage your application risk by implementing application security. Our cyber engineers can assist by providing application testing, help review code to make sure it is secure, and educate developers on secure coding practices. As a result, your apps will become more secure through the identification and remediation of exploitable vulnerabilities and other weaknesses. This will greatly reduce your organization’s costs in the long run, improve code quality, help achieve compliance, and reduce the attack surface of your applications.

What is Application Security?

Application Security is defined as, “all tasks at the application level that reduce risk in the software development life cycle (SDLC)”. Today, organizations are showing an increased concern for security within every aspect of application development, from planning through deployment and beyond. We have seen a trend that organizations are developing applications more frequently and in a shorter amount of time than in the past. Yet, another huge reason why testing early and often is so important.


The goal of application security is to improve overall security practices, by finding, fixing, and preventing security issues from occurring in an applications code. As a result, you will reduce the attack surface of your application(s). First, we can test your application. Then, once tested, we will provide a technical report to you that highlights all the vulnerabilities based on criticality. After, we use our expert knowledge and industry best practices to help remediate the issues and repeat the process as often as needed. The earlier this continuous testing process is implemented as part of the development process the better the return on your company’s investment.


Application Security

Application Security Strategy

As you already know, applications are being attacked at an alarming frequency each day; we see this on the news and hear it throughout the industry. They are targeting valuable systems with ransomware and other types of attacks. Therefore, organizations must focus on constantly improving their existing application security and development programs. Praetorian Secure can help any organization achieve their goals with our industry leading Application Security Services and programs.


No matter where you are at currently, we can join you on your application security journey. Our strategy is to bridge the gaps in your application team while accelerating the pace of secure development. We put an emphasis on shortening the final stages of the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) by provide continuous security testing in earlier stages of this lifecycle. Doing this reduces, “time-to-fix” from stage to stage. From the initial design, through integration, testing, deployment, and software delivery we help your dev team remain agile.


We accomplish our strategy by quickly seeking out and addressing easy to resolve issues first then work on the critical issues. Application program improvement is measured using acceptable level of risk KPIs. For example, the number of vulnerabilities, time to fix, remediation rate, and the amount of time a vulnerability remains open. Once these KPIs are established we can use them to track how quickly your program is progressing from an application security perspective. According to research by a leading software security technology provider, “organizations who implement an app security program are seeing a 60% higher rate of revenue and profit growth and are 2.4 times more likely than their mainstream counterparts to be growing their business”. Therefore, following application security best practices and embedding testing directly into the software delivery cycle is essential to achieving speed, flexibility, and proper risk management.

Application Security Services

Praetorian Secure’s Application Security Process

At Praetorian Secure we bring vast experience of web, mobile, IoT, APIs, and medical device security programs, DevSecOps, and application security testing to the table. As a result, we have learned that cross-functional development process should be used at every phase of the development lifecycle. Our application security programs can be selected based on our tiered approach or can be custom curated to fit your exact business needs.


Our process is risk-based and involves our engineers running various types of tests (manual & automated) with a variety of toolsets to find code flaws and vulnerabilities within your applications. We follow agile development practices and prefer to perform multiple rounds of testing to make sure all risks are identified and remediated. This makes the development process more manageable. For example, instead of resolving all application flaws at the end of the development process, you can start the process early on, finding, and prioritizing vulnerabilities as you go and reduce costs. Starting with the elimination of duplicates and false positives then we can decide what we want to tackle next. By the end of this process your organization’s applications will be 100% risk free.


Our team will ensure your organization can reach full Software Security Program Maturity. That is, we will Integrate application security into your development processes and toolchains, with light-speed automation, risk and threat assessment, continuous testing, improved secure coding practices. Our strength is improving your secure software development program by minimizing security flaws before they occur. Leading to an overall improvement in app sec quality and security.

Application Security process steps 1, 2, and 3

Application Security process steps 4, 5, and 6

Multi-Tiered Approach To Application Security Services

Essentials - Tier 1

  • Basic Code Testing one application (web, mobile or standalone) to Identify Vulnerabilities and Weaknesses in Secure Coding Standards (automated)
  • More Affordable option for companies new to application security testing
  • Testing provides baselines vulnerabilities and risks
  • Technical report outlining vulnerabilities and weaknesses (limited to 1 app)
  • Consulting on remediation strategies

Advanced - Tier 2

  • Advanced Scanning (manual & automated)
  • Wider range of toolset utilized
  • Priced by the number of applications
  • Includes software composition analysis (find vulnerable packages and libraries).
  • Customized, actionable reporting
  • Increased Availability for consulting on remediations
  • Meeting to review findings & discuss fix actions

Elite - Tier 3 - Full DevOps Program

  • Elite package (manual & automated, toolsets exhausted)
  • 1 Project Manager & 1 DevOps Engineer included
  • Integration and full-scale automation within Secure SDLC and/or CI/CD process
  • Continuous testing efforts until goals are achieved**
  • Application Pen Testing Option can be included
  • Includes remediation & technical support
  • Daily reporting updates via email & weekly discussions
  • Retesting of application(s) within 90 days of report delivery**

Why Choose Praetorian Secure?


Our team focuses on providing a consistent level of professionalism and testing effort for each project based on the requirements. As a result, every customer gets the same attention to detail and high quality testing results, every time. We do not pick favorites or get involved in internal politics.

Hands-on Experience

We have worked with companies from a multitude of industries on various application security efforts. For this reason, we have gained more valuable hands-on experience than most. Giving us a heightened awareness of threats across the board that we use to combat new and current threats.

Comprehensive testing

At Praetorian Secure, we provide an “as detailed as possible” testing plan. Including, a combination of any manual and automated testing methods that are going to be applicable. Along with all toolsets that are compatible and will be able to provide valuable information about your applications weaknesses.

Application Security Services

Application Security Experts With +25 Years Experience

Our application security engineers can help ensure your next app build is safe, secure, and on schedule. Find out how we can assist you by contacting us today to set up a free consultation. One of our reps will respond as soon as possible, typically withing 24 hours or less unless it is outside our normal business hours. Thank you for your patience.