Markets We Service

Having cybersecurity experts at your disposal with experience in your market or industry makes accomplishing any security objective a whole lot easier. This will reduce employee fatigue, security risks, and the number of internal resources needed that would have been need for security projects.

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At Praetorian Secure we provide a diverse range of Cybersecurity Services and have developed relationships with some top security partners across the board. Indeed, we can help your organization meet virtually any market or industry requirement. For instance, we can deliver Cybersecurity Consulting Services (Cloud Security, vCISO, Vulnerability Management, etc.) and Compliance Services for NIST, PCI, HIPAA, CMMC, and more. Our experts can develop a custom security solution based on our initial discussions. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.

We have demonstrated our expertise by performing successfully in the following markets: The Department of Defense (DoD), healthcare, retail, telecom, medical device manufacturers, energy/utilities, gov. & 3rd party contractors, education, manufacturing, advisory/financial, Non-profit organizations (NPOs), and more. Our customized security programs can add tremendous value to any organization’s existing security program. Below you can out more about the services we provide and the main industries we service.

Payment Services (Retail, Card Processors, Etc.)

Payment Services

Threats to payment card providers, processors, and vendors have risen significantly over the past few years. Unfortunately, the bad news is hackers do not discriminate. Praetorian Secure has plenty of experience assisting customers with Compliance Services. Let us help secure your payment systems one step at a time. First, complete a preliminary evaluation. Then, we conduct out audit. next, we provide remediation plan. Which, we can help with, or your team can handle it as they see fit until all issues are resolved.

Medical Device Manufacturer

Medical Device Manufacturers

The primary concern for medical device manufacturers during development should be safety, security, and quality. In efforts to develop safer products that will be secure from any unethical hackers with ill intentions. Most medical device manufacturers have multiple development team working on new software and products. Our cyber security team will work directly with your staff to create a DevSecOps program that is undeniably efficient. Without a doubt, this will have your team flying through the development cycle.


Healthcare Industry

Healthcare companies ranging from hospitals to clinics are being targeted by cyberattacks more than ever.  Yet, organizations continue to underestimate the odds that they will be targeted by ransomware. Most are taking a big gamble that could be avoided by implementing a proactive security strategy. Eventually, everything we avoid or put off comes back full circle. To ensure this does not happen to your organization, Praetorian Secure can perform HIPAA Compliance Consulting. At Praetorian, we minimize the gaps in your security policies and procedures and ensure compliance requirements are met.

Contractors (Gov/3rd Party)

Government & 3rd Party Contractor Industry/ Market

All prime and subcontractors of the federal government have compliance requirements set by U.S Federal Government agencies. Federal government contractors are usually at an increased risk of attack by not only foreign but domestic criminals. To become compliant with federal regulations you need a Qualified Security Assessor (QSA) to assess your current environment. We work with all government bodies and 3rd party companies to ensure they meet there compliance requirements. Praetorian Secure can provide customizable, field-proven, compliance consulting services for NIST, NIST CSF, CMMC, and more.

Military & Defense Contractors

Defense contractors

Let Praetorian Secure’s experienced team of cybersecurity engineers guide your company. We provide comprehensive risk management, certification & accreditation (C&A) planning, artifact documentation, policy creation, and more. Our team ensures all applicable software baselines are reviewed against Security Technical Implementation Guidelines (DISA, NIST, NSA) to ensure a robust security design and configuration is in place. Our services are designed to help you achieve US Federal Government Compliance (NIST, NIST CSF, DFARSCMMC, etc.) without out the pain and suffering that comes when trying to handle this without any experience.


Education Sector

The education industry in the top 10 in the US for the total number of reported “security incidents” across all other industries. Universities are constantly at risk because most have medical facilities and lots of PII stored on the network or in a database in the cloud. Also, research being done is typically documented and then stored virtually with minimal security measure in place. We can provide Penetration Testing services to help ensure security vulnerabilities are remediated from your applications. Also, Praetorian Secure can help secure your networks, VMs, website, or sensitive data by conducting other types of Security Testing.

Non-Profit Organizations

Non-Profit Organization Industry/Market

As a NPO (Non-Profit Organization) cybersecurity budgets are limited and good help can be hard to find for a decent price. We appreciate what NPOs are doing for our communities, and we want to give back where we can. That is why we extend month-to-month services such as our vCISO program and affordable pen testing programs that can help reduce costs. The greatest concern for NPOs if the lack of cyber resources which can lead to hard decisions. Remember, there does not have to be a trade-off when deciding what is important when it comes to cybersecurity. Also, we partner with an amazing company who offers free pen testing resources for qualifying NPOs. Contact us to learn more.


Manufacturing Industry/Market

Supply chain risk management is critical to maintaining the security supply chain of components you use in your operations. Supply chain disruption is a big factor when it comes to productivity and the smallest incident can cause delays. Other threats to manufacturers are loss of revenue, natural disaster, and distribution issues. Another significant concern is third party risk. Do not ignore the security of your supply chain partners. We can help by providing a Third-Party Risk Management among other methods.


Aerospace Technology

Aerospace technologies are highly sophisticated and are big-time targets for foreign cyber espionage. Today, it proves difficult to find an aircraft that does not have advanced embedded technology. These can be military air vehicles, exploration vehicles, or un-manned devices that rely on 100% functionality to be successful. Moreover, these technologies hold critical information that needs to be protected to the highest degree. We have worked with Bluetooth, RFID, Wi-Fi, and most other forms of encryption technologies. In conclusion, Aerospace companies who chose us as their cybersecurity consultant will be in good hands. Protecting your people, processes and technology from cyber risk with DFARS and CMMC compliance.

Application/Software Developers

Application developers Industry/Market

Application and software developers are under a lot of pressure to meet the growing cyber security requirements of their customers and shortened timelines. This can become a double edge sword; with high requirements and a nearly impossible timeline they are forced to make short cuts. Most developers do not want to do this, and we do not want them to have to either. Therefore, we train developers using a hybrid approach. Combining agile and secure development practices with our Secure Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) Program. Integrating the two from the start is the best way for security conscious organizations looking to speed up remediation efforts while maintaining Secure devOps (DevSecOps) practices.

Energy & Utilities

Energy Industry/Market

Energy and utility companies have a primary target of those seeking to destroy or disable our public infrastructure. Praetorian Secure understands the need to have lock-tight network infrastructure and access controls as they are some of the most common vectors for attack. If our critical infrastructure goes down (power, water, communications) it leaves our country vulnerable. We at Praetorian Secure appreciate our liberties and freedoms therefore, we offer Vulnerability management and Security Testing services and processes that will harden even the strictest of IT environments to our most critical asset providers. Our team can assess and implement compliance measures to meet regulations and standards promptly.

Financial & Advisory Services

Insurance Industry/Market

The Finance/Insurance Industry faces many diverse challenges including meeting regulatory compliance guidelines, monitoring for advanced threats, and protecting personal information. In today’s landscape, these companies must use good security techniques to their advantage. For example, using good analytics, strong access management controls, and air-tight data security can make all the difference. Do not fall behind your competitor when it comes to cybersecurity or you will become a soft target for attack. Criminals love to exploit the weakest link they can find. We have experience providing Vulnerability Management, Third-Party Risk Management, Compliance Consulting, etc.

These Are Just A Handful Of The markets/ Industries We Service. Please Contact Us If You Have Questions.