Compliance Services

Our Compliance Services help companies manage compliance more effectively. Continuous compliance is the best way to ensure all cyber threats are eliminated. Our experts will guide your team on how to meet Regulatory Compliance requirements on time.

Compliance Services with Your Critical Assets in Mind

Compliance pressures are at an all-time high. In turn, finding a talented compliance service provider with deep compliance knowledge and technical skills can be difficult. Customers expect data privacy and entrust you with their valuable data. Likewise, they want to know your business is serious about cybersecurity. Your preferred cybersecurity provider should be efficient with your time and your team must support them to help them understand your unique environment (people, processes, and technology).

Meeting compliance requirements will always be a high-level business objective. Part of the struggle is managing these compliance objectives. This often involves time and effort from multiple areas within the business. In addition, compliance audits can span across various internal divisions within an organization. Currently, if your organization needs a knowledgeable compliance service partner it may be time to experience the compliance services we offer.

Praetorian’s compliance services offer certified expert consultants and technology engineers. Our team has supported many companies with compliance audits, implementations, and accreditation. We have supported customers with NIST,  HIPAA, CMMC, and more. Committed to providing our customers with the highest level of service and expertise. Acting as your trusted advisor helping meet your business objectives.

Compliance Services

Compliance Consulting Services

An increasing number of organizations are aware they face complex governance and compliance requirements. Cybersecurity compliance service needs are at an all-time high and many newcomers have entered the marketplace. With risk becoming a know board-level concern, meeting the minimum compliance requirement is not enough to stay ahead of the evolving threats. Praetorian Secure offers up their experts to your team’s full disposal. We are capable of supporting compliance services of all mandates.

Compliance Management

Looking at compliance management as a checkmark or one time a year is a weakness in terms of your company’s governance, regulatory compliance, and security approach. Moreover, it is reinforcing unhealthy habits that make attaining compliance an uphill battle. The best solution to resolve the problem and reduce costs/effort is maintaining continuous compliance. Both your cybersecurity program and compliance need to work together to reduce your cost and efforts.

Hopefully, your cybersecurity program has already been evaluated to meet your level of risk acceptance and included all your compliance requirements. If this is true maintaining compliance and reducing the risk of a data breach should take less effort to maintain. If not, contact us for a discussion about our compliance services and how they can reduce your efforts in maintaining continuous compliance.

When it comes to implementing, maintaining, or assessing compliance, our compliance solution is comprehensive compliance services delivered by qualified cybersecurity professionals and engineers that work as an extension of your team. Our processes and practices ensure quality results with on-time delivery. Likewise, we always respect your team’s time and level of effort. Most importantly, treating every member of your team with the highest level of respect is part of our company culture.

We understand that dealing with regulatory compliance can impose unwanted costs and sidetrack business operations. In addition, we know being non-compliant or experiencing a breach of customer data can lead to regulatory fines. All ending in customer dissatisfaction or the loss of a client due to breaches of privacy and security. Therefore, our initial focus during the compliance service or compliance management is to evaluate and identify all weaknesses in your compliance requirements during a gap assessment. Thereby ensuring we understand your current compliance level today and understand where you need improvement. For example, your team might have good cybersecurity policies and processes in place.

However, do the responsible employees understand and follow the policies and processes? If they participate in a compliance audit can they explain the process, where it’s located, and evidence required to show the process is being followed? If not, your compliance is drifting from your previous compliance audit. Thereby, creating an elevated level of effort, costs, and resources in meeting your future compliance requirements. Therefore, we recommend that compliance and cybersecurity risk be evaluated on a regular basis to maintain continuous compliance and risk oversight. Gauging your compliance effectiveness and residual risk on a routine schedule can improve compliance and lower the risk of a breach.

In conclusion, the most objective way to ensure an accurate assessment of your compliance and cybersecurity program is to have a third-party assessment completed by a certified cybersecurity professional. Praetorian Secure has certified compliance experts on our staff to support an impartial review of your compliance level and risks. Typically, we perform a pre-assessment or gap assessment to qualify your current level of compliance. Afterward, we detail your weaknesses into a plan of action to improve compliance.

Praetorian's Compliance Consulting Methodology

Our process is built around three main parts. First, a deep understanding of the requirements, current/future legislation, and industry best practices. Equally important, is the fact of having highly skilled experts who have direct experience with all industry and many various compliance guidelines. Lastly, client feedback is important to us and we hope to receive some after our work is completed. We use to to improve upon our existing processes day in and day out.

Constant evolution of our process for the benefit of our clients is what has kept our compliance service offerings competitive. Keep your regulatory compliance projects on track with help from a team that can get the job done right. We have fine-tuned our methodologies and tools, developed them according to industry standards to provide clients with the most advanced compliance service solutions and thinking in industry. Also, check out our Cybersecurity Consulting Services for more ways to secure your organization.

What Sets Our Compliance Services Apart From Our Competitors?

compliance services

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Multi-Industry Expertise

Served various organizations across a magnitude of compliance frameworks.

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Testing vulnerabilities as never been easier or more accurate.

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Achieve Compliance Quickly With Our Compliance Services

Our experts are ready to assist your organization with any compliance requirements you are aiming to meet. No matter the scope, please contact us below and we will be in touch shortly. Thank you for your patience.

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