Cloud Security Services

Migrate your digital infrastructure or transform it by securing the weak spots in your cloud framework with a cloud security service solution from Praetorian Secure.

Accelerate Your Business With Cloud Security Services

Praetorian Secure can provide you with security solutions to defend SaaS, IaaS, and PaaS cloud computing models. In fact, we can support any cloud strategy – public, private, or hybrid powered by AWS, Microsoft, google, IBM, and more. Furthermore, our Hybrid Cloud option is the most common as of late for a multitude of reasons. The most impactful reasons being control of infrastructure, cost-effectiveness, ease of use (when transitioning), and flexibility. Certainly, implementing this solution can be challenging at first but that’s where we come in. Our team can relieve your organization of risk by developing, managing, and/or monitoring your cloud security services for you.

Cloud Security Services

Cloud Security Service offerings

Number 1

Cloud Security Assessment

Ultimately, combine services such as Cloud Technology programs with proven security for the most cost-effective business solutions.

Number 2

Secure Development Operations

Our team of experts has the experience required to develop scalable, modernized Solutions that can increase speeds and down-time. Furthermore, find out how you can customize your DevSecOps Solution

Number 3

Cloud Security Policy Review

Decide how much responsibility you want over managing your cloud infrastructure.  Afterward, we will work together to define responsibilities based on your specific solution requirements.

Number 4

Secure Cloud Hosting

We can provide security and hosting, instantly becoming your one-stop shop for cloud technology.

Secure Cloud Engineering

Without delay, our cloud engineering experts distribute scaleable and resilient architecture solutions.

Number 6

Network Security

Go above and beyond traditional network security. Gain the benefits of encrypting data in the cloud, enabling multi-factor authentication, implementing layered firewalls, and enable data loss prevention.

Cloud Security Capabilites

  • Implementation

  • Infrastructure & Architecture

  • Security Assessment

  • Compliance

  • Improve Stainability

  • Strategy & Management

  • Test for Optimality

  • Digital transformation

Is Your Business Potential Limited Due To Bad Infrastructure?

Take your cloud security services to new heights with the help from an experienced cloud engineer. Just contact us below to get started with a consultation.