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As HIPAA Compliance Consultants we have assisted many Covered Entities (CEs) and Business Associates (BAs) with HIPAA Compliance Consulting Services. When we become an extension of your team you gain valuable insights, resources, and experiences that will help accelerate the speed in which you accomplish your compliance objectives. Hire a HIPAA Consulting firm who will make ensuring compliance simple with prebuilt templates and guidance.

HIPAA Compliance Consulting

Praetorian Secure has expert HIPAA compliance consultants on-staff to support healthcare providers, health plan providers, other health agencies, and business associates to maintain and/or implement Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) compliance. In addition, HIPAA has three rules: The Privacy Rule, The Security Rule, and The Breach Notification Rule. Furthermore, these rules protect certain individual(s) info such as PHI, e-PHI, and set the notification requirements for breach.

Our HIPAA Compliance Consultants have security expertise and experience gained in securing compliance for some of the largest medical, Healthcare, and Insurance providers worldwide.  Our team of HIPAA compliance consultants will work to reduce data loss, improve the protection of health information by reducing the risk of improper disclosure and unauthorized access that occurs due to breaches.

HIPAA Compliance Rules

The Privacy Rule – HHS a final in 2000 that was rev. in 2002. The Privacy Rule sets national standards for when protected health information (PHI) may be used and disclosed.

The Security Rule – HHS published a final Security Rule in February 2003. The HIPAA Security Rule specifies safeguards that covered entities and their business associates must implement to protect ePHI confidentiality, integrity, and availability. Compliance with the Security Rule was required as of April 20, 2005.

The Breach Notification Rule – Th Breach Notification Rule requires covered entities to notify affected individuals; U.S. Department of Health & Human Services (HHS); and, in some cases, the media of a breach of unsecured PHI.

HIPAA Omnibus Rule – The HIPAA Omnibus Rule was introduced to address a number of areas that had been omitted by previous updates to HIPAA. It amended definitions, clarified procedures and policies, and expanded the HIPAA compliance checklist to cover Business Associates and their subcontractors.

The Enforcement Rule – The HIPAA Enforcement Rule governs the investigations that follow a breach of ePHI, the penalties that could be imposed on covered entities responsible for an avoidable breach of ePHI, and the procedures for hearings of this said breach.

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Our team of compliance experts has put together a service overview for HIPAA Compliance outlining how we can help. Fill out the contact form below to receive your HIPAA Compliance white paper download.

Who Is Required To Be HIPAA Compliant?

Covered entities and business associates, as applicable, must follow HIPAA rules. If an entity does not meet the definition of a covered entity or business associate, it does not have to comply with the HIPAA rules. There are four classes of business that must adhere to HIPAA rules. If your company fits one of them, you must take steps to comply.


The first class is health plans. These include HMOs, employer health plans, and health maintenance companies. This class contains schools who handle PHI for students and teachers. It also covers both Medicare and Medicaid.


The second class is healthcare clearinghouses. These include healthcare billing services and community, health management information systems. Also included are any entities that collect information from healthcare entities and process it into an industry-standard format.


The third class is the healthcare providers. That means any individual or organization that treats patients. Examples include doctors, surgeons, dentists, podiatrists, and optometrists. It also includes lab technicians, hospitals, group practices, pharmacies, and clinics.


The final class is for business associates of the other three levels. It covers any company that handles ePHI such as contractors, and infrastructure services providers. Most companies’ HR departments also fall into this category because they handle ePHI of their employees. Additional examples include data processing firms and data transmission providers. This class also includes companies that store or shred documents. Medical equipment companies, transcription services, accountants, and auditors must also comply. If your entity fits one of these descriptions, then you must take steps to comply with HIPAA rules. See the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Title 45, Section 160.103 for the full details.


As a CE or BA, you should have a security awareness and training program based upon the results of HIPAA risk assessments. The simplest and most cost-efficient way of finding out if you need HIPAA consulting services is to have a consultant review your training programs. If there is anything missing from your training programs, the likelihood is there is room for improvement elsewhere in your HIPAA compliance efforts. With the help of our experts, your organization can quickly launch new or improve existing compliance programs. At last, bringing your compliance program to new heights.

Cybersecurity In The Healthcare Industry

HHS notes, “health care providers and other entities dealing with PHI have migrated to computerized operations, including computerized physician order entry (CPOE) systems, electronic health records (EHR), and radiology, pharmacy, and laboratory systems, and that HIPAA compliance is more important than ever.” Furthermore, these companies invest millions of dollars into security that is supposed protect patient data. When security breaches occur, these Health IT entities can be forced to pay millions of dollars to settle patient data disputes and lawsuits. Today, more and more companies are being required to comply with HIPAA/HITECH guidelines. Keep things simple by hiring a HIPAA compliance consultant.

HIPAA Compliance Consulting Services

Risk Assessment

  • Our HIPAA Compliance Risk Assessment service is designed to identify potential vulnerabilities and threats to your healthcare organization’s sensitive data. We conduct a thorough analysis of your systems, processes, and policies to pinpoint areas of risk.
  • Benefits: By assessing risks, you can proactively address security gaps, protect patient information, and maintain compliance with HIPAA regulations, reducing the likelihood of costly data breaches.

HITECH Compliance

  • Our HITECH (Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health) Compliance service ensures that your healthcare organization meets the technological and security requirements mandated by the HITECH Act. We help you safeguard electronic health information (EHI) and maintain compliance.
  • Benefits: Achieving HITECH compliance safeguards patient data, strengthens cybersecurity, and ensures eligibility for government incentives.

Readiness Review

  • The HIPAA Compliance Readiness Review assesses your organization’s current state of compliance with HIPAA rules. We examine your policies, procedures, and practices to determine whether they align with regulatory requirements.
  • Benefits: This service helps you understand your compliance level, providing insights to make necessary adjustments, avoid penalties, and enhance patient trust.

Healthcare Policy Review & Development

  • We offer comprehensive Healthcare Policy Review and Development services to help your organization establish, refine, or update its policies and procedures to align with HIPAA regulations. We tailor policies to your unique needs.
  • Benefits: Well-defined policies promote compliance, mitigate risks, and create a clear framework for your staff to follow, reducing the chances of violations and data breaches.

Healthcare Controls Assessment

  • Our Healthcare Controls Assessment service evaluates the effectiveness of your security controls, such as access controls, encryption, and incident response plans, to ensure they meet HIPAA requirements.
  • Benefits: By assessing and strengthening your security controls, you reduce the risk of data breaches and demonstrate a commitment to safeguarding patient information.

Gap Analysis

  • A Gap Analysis is a vital step in achieving HIPAA compliance. We compare your existing security measures and policies against HIPAA standards to identify gaps or deviations.
  • Benefits: This service provides a roadmap for addressing compliance shortcomings, enhancing your organization’s security posture and regulatory adherence.

HIPAA Compliance Consulting Benefits:

  • HIPAA Auditing, Vulnerability Assessments & Mitigation – Our auditing services are performed to give precise data to generate short term and long term mitigation strategies to reduce risks.


  • Network & Equipment Hardening – Even though they are advertised to meet or exceed best commercial standards, our skilled engineers implement state-of-the-art security configurations for computer equipment and devices that store patient data.


  • Information Assurance & Risk Management – Praetorian Secure’s IA specialists work with your organization to ensure that an overall security framework is in place to achieve and maintain an acceptable level of risk for your infrastructure and data.


  • Incident Response – Praetorian assists its clients with developing, and implementing a response plan should a breach occur. Distribution of personal information or protected data within your organization requires a legal response and an immediate regulated process.


  • Disaster Recovery Programs – Praetorian Secure will assist your organization in developing a business continuity plan that fits your needs. When implemented, our Disaster Recovery Program will allow your organization to operate uninterrupted, even in the midst of a potentially catastrophic disaster.


  • Penetration Testing, Scanning, Monitoring & Response Planning – Our testing procedures and approach provide strong remediation recommendations, designed to improve your overall Security, IT Architecture and reduce the threat of attack or compromise.

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