Physical Security Assessment

The Physical Security of your organization is typically laid out when things begin but has it been re-assessed lately? If your company is looking to start fresh or revamp your existing security we can help by performing a deep dive audit of your facilities current safeguards.

Physical Security - What Is It?

Physical security assessments can become overwhelming quickly when your trying to review your entire organization’s cybersecurity policy and procedures alone. Internal audits are good for spot checks but sometimes this will not meet the requirements of compliance auditors.

Having a third party consultant from Praetorian Secure come in and analyze your Physical security is the best way to make sure that your processes are being followed and your physical security meets compliance standards. Our founders are former Agent of the Certification Authority (ACA) for the Department of the Army, so Praetorian Secure, LLC has plenty of experience in assessing the physical security of some of the country’s most secure facilities nationwide.

Our Solutions Solve Real-World Problems

Ensure your physical security takes all threats into account and that it includes the proper safeguards for “worst case” scenarios. Listed below are a few common problems relative to physical security that were revealed when physical security was assessed.

– Outdated Security Policies

– Lack Of Proper Security Devices

– Never Test/ Repair Existing Issues

– Limited Number Of Security Personnel

– Improper Management Of Security Personnel

– Employee Disregard For Policies

– Weak Access Controls

– Poor/ Lack Of Access Controls For Guests

Who Needs A Physical Security Assessment?

Any organization looking to protect its employee’s safety, physical assets, and improve customer’s peace of mind in a complex world. Although physical security is not typically a requirement more and more organization are investing in it with the rise in violent events around the nation.

physical security assessment

Get Your Physical Security Assessed Today.

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